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Monthly Update: March 2022

Mar Performance: -13.90% YTD: -26.94%

* Figures will likely vary for individuals depending on when you joined ADR Investors.

Sadly the war between Russia and the Ukraine rumbles on with many lives lost and that is so very sad to see so I am trying my best not to sound like I have anything to worry about here but with such unrest it has a real effect on the markets. As a result, and after a very tough March, we find ourselves -13.90% for the month and -26.94% for the year to date.

It's still very early, of course I am disappointed, but I remain confident that we'll recover and start to turn a profit soon enough, it's a marathon not a sprint.

Our stock portfolio is well positioned and well hedged so this is a positive note. Unfortunately it was a handful of our FX trades which gave us our biggest drawdown where stop losses were triggered. Other FX positions remain mostly in the red but please remember that these are fairly long term, medium risk swing trades which, hopefully when they swing back, should result in a nice profit.

I'm regularly monitoring our positions and will of course re-adjust the portfolio as and when necessary and I'm always on the look out for interesting opportunities which may present themselves within a shorter timeframe.

Let's remain patient and see what the next quarter brings. How is it April already?

Best wishes

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